What goes down comes around at the Water Resource Recovery Centre

Aerial photo of the Water Resource Recovery Centre

Staff and the public had much to celebrate on April 23, 2022, at the City’s Wastewater Open House. The Earth Week event witnessed the launch of the new wastewater public education program—What Goes Down Comes Around—and introduced the public to the facility’s new name, the Water Resource Recovery Centre.  

This was the first in-person event since COVID-19 forced people indoors, and the community did not disappoint. Over 400 people turned out on a wet and soggy day to learn more about wastewater— from the household drain to the Speed River. The event aimed to demonstrate how the Water Resource Recovery Centre is more than sewage treatment but a place where nothing goes to waste. Processes are engineered to recover energy, to recover nutrients for agricultural reuse and of course, to recover water.  

There were tours, games and activities, and attendees went home knowing more about the wastewater system, City staff and the hard work that takes place behind the scenes to treat the city’s wastewater. In addition, attendees learned how their behaviours and choices impact the City’s wastewater system. If we only flush the three P’s – pee, poo and (toilet) paper down the drain, we’ll help keep utility rates low, keep underground pipes clog-free, and save money and energy long-term. A reminder that what goes down comes around.

Additional 2022 highlights

From behind: a child rides a bicycle on the cycling lanes.

Guelph continues to prioritize environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a priority for the City and the community. Every year the City publishes an environmental sustainability report to highlight progress and the action needed to move closer to reaching sustainability goals, fighting climate change, and meeting our Race To Zero targets.

Guelph continues to prioritize environmental sustainability
Guelph waste water outfall

Managing wastewater for a future-ready Guelph

In 2020, the City initiated an update to the Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Management Master Plan to make sure everything that is flushed down your sinks, drains and toilets is managed sustainably.

Managing wastewater for a future-ready Guelph