Sharing road safety data to support our goal for a Vision Zero community.

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Vision Zero is the belief that everyone has the right to move safely in their community and that any loss of life on our roads is unacceptable. A Vision Zero community is one where road systems and related infrastructure are designed to help eliminate fatalities and serious injuries. This approach requires a focus on safe vehicles, safe roads, safe drivers and the right speed for each type of road. Vision Zero is global, and the City adopted it as a recommended outcome of the Transportation Master Plan.  

An image with the words “Vision Zero” written in large font, a broken line before the word “Guelph” and icons of a person in a wheelchair, a person walking, a person cycling, and a person driving.

Two road safety initiatives launched in 2022 are the Community Speed Awareness Program and the Slow Down lawn signs.

The Community Speed Awareness program invites residents to request a speed radar sign for their street to help make drivers aware of their driving speeds for two weeks, while the Slow Down lawn signs program allows residents to request a lawn sign asking drivers to slow down and watch for pedestrians, including children and pets.

In 2022, the City launched its Road Safety Dashboard. The dashboard shares collision data from Guelph roads for the past five years, excluding private property and provincial roads and highways. The dashboard also includes an inventory of road safety initiatives across Guelph to help keep the City accountable as we navigate our future and demonstrate our commitment to road safety for everyone in our community.

Many of the safe systems principles and preferred strategies to address road safety found in Guelph’s Community Road Safety Strategy support Vision Zero principles. Implementing the Community Road Safety Strategy will help Guelph achieve its Vision Zero goals.

Additional 2022 highlights

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Creating safe active transportation opportunities

The City is working hard to provide safe active transportation opportunities across Guelph. The plan is to install 13 kilometers of protected cycling lanes. In 2022, the City asked the community to provide feedback on conceptual designs for three of four sections of road along Gordon Street and College Avenue.

Creating safe active transportation opportunities
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Addressing barriers for Guelph residents living with low income

On April 1, 2022, the City launched a new one-year Sliding Scale Affordable Bus Pass pilot program.

Addressing barriers for Guelph residents living with low income